Time is Now! – Workshop 28th May

In this two-hour workshop, based on my book “Speaker Savvy”, I will share with you some of the insider secrets on working (successfully) with speaker bureaus.

I will debunk some conspiracy theories, and possibly confirm others …

With the great opening-up of the business world to “online”, how will clients know who is worth their salt as a speaker, and who is just a great online marketer, trying to make a “quick buck”. That’s where the bureaus come in.

Their value to clients: Third party endorsement of speakers they know and trust.

Their value to speakers: Access to those clients who trust them, based on years of relationship, way beyond the current “unprecedented times”.

More than ever, speaker bureaus have a place in the speaking industry, as clients are bombarded on a daily basis – from every angle possible – by speakers looking for work.

Or do they?

Are speaker bureaus even relevant at all anymore?


I can only work with ten people at a time, so if I need to do another one, I’ll set one up.

There is pre-work, for both you and I before the time, so be prepared for that.

This isn’t a sit-back-and-check-your-Facebook-timeline-while-your-camera-is-turned-off kinda workshop *wink*

I want you to get real value out of our time together.


This is not a primary revenue stream for me (although, of course, food isn’t free *grin*): this is much more about my serving YOU as a speaker, helping you to get your message out there, with ethics, honour, integrity and transparency.

That is – after all – my life’s work: to get my Messengers in front of audiences who need to hear their Messages.

Looking forward to working with you!


Date: 28 May Time: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cost: R895

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SpeakerSavvy – Zoom South Africa