The Time is Now

The Time is Now

In this two-hour workshop, based on my book “Speaker Savvy”, I will share with you some of the insider secrets on working (successfully) with speaker bureaus.

I will debunk some conspiracy theories, and possibly confirm others …

With the great opening-up of the business world to “online”, how will clients know who is worth their salt as a speaker, and who is just a great online marketer, trying to make a “quick buck”. That’s where the bureaus come in.

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SpeakerSavvy Workshop – Testimonials

SpeakerSavvy Workshop - Testimonials

“Bronwyn is a veteran of the professional speaking industry in South Africa. She was instrumental in establishing the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa and has owned one of the countries most respected speaker bureaus for close on two decades. She has worked with some of the best speakers in the business and she knows what it takes to be successful in this industry. In her book “Speaker Savvy” and in her workshops, Bronwyn unpacks a lifetime of learning and will fast track the development of any speaker wanting to make it on the circuit. Don’t miss out!”

Eddie Botes

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