What would you do?

What would you do?

I am about to make a really big decision in my business.

Over the last two months, with our industry being tossed on its head in a most uncouth fashion, we have been wrestling with this whole “pivot to online IMMEDIATELY!” cry from speakers across the globe.

It was an overnight avalanche. I went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning with my inbox flooded. All my timelines across social media were just about whitewashed with speakers declaring their genius in being able to pivot to online with such agility and utter professionalism. And inviting (read: demanding) that I (and all their other clients, I guess) join them for their FREE webinar on (insert topic du jour here).

All of which seemed a bit of a knee-jerk, panicky reaction to me. It whiffed faintly of desperation, especially those who started off by saying, in their speedily put together videos, how their whole year’s bookings had been wiped out because of the virus.

“But don’t worry!” they exclaimed, which made me wonder whether they were speaking more to themselves than the clients they were emailing. “We can still do this online!”

Enter all the “Zoom Suit” Memes and Zoom Meeting Parody Videos.

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