Book Testimonial – Abigail

Book testimonial from Abigail

As an aspiring professional speaker, I began reading Bronwyn’s Speaker Savvy book without any expectations or frame of reference. I generally have several books on the go at any one time, but I can honestly say that Speaker Savvy was a book that I picked up and couldn’t move on from, until I’d finished reading it in it’s entirety.

Bronwyn clearly and humorously articulates what a novice (and experienced speaker) can expect from the industry as well as giving insight into how to run a speaker business in collaboration with a speaker bureau. As a result I now have a greater awareness of what I should and shouldn’t do as I venture into professional speaking thanks to Bronwyn’s explanation of the industry landscape and I feel confident that this new understanding at this early stage of my journey will form a solid foundation on which to build. Thank you Bronwyn.
Abigail K BA(Comm)

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